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Category: Science - Level: Impossible! Can you handle it?
Vraag 1 van de 20
Which process do you see in batteries, as well as in electroplating and galvanizing?
Vraag 2 van de 20
We lost the question that's supposed to go here. Sorry. But what is the probability of you randomly guessing the right answer anyway?
Vraag 3 van de 20
What animal with a Nepali name has been bounced around taxonomically from the raccoon family, the bear family and even its own family?
Vraag 4 van de 20
Which celestial bodies bear names like Ceres, Mark Twain, Beer and Mr. Spock?
Vraag 5 van de 20
It's no coincidence, but what part of whale is known as its fluke?
Vraag 6 van de 20
When geography creates a warm spot along a front, air rises and you have what kind of tumultuous zone swirling around that spot?
Vraag 7 van de 20
Sodium hydroxide is known by what name, derived in part from the Greek and Latin words for "to burn"?
Vraag 8 van de 20
What part of your body is affected by cramps that may be named either for an equine owned by Comiskey Park, or for 19th-century pitcher Charlie Radbourn?
Vraag 9 van de 20
What analog of methamphetamine was originally created in 1912 by Merck chemist Anton Kollisch to control abnormal bleeding?
Vraag 10 van de 20
The climate of La Porte has become rainier as Chicago and what other nearby city have grown?
Vraag 11 van de 20
What is the tarantula's deadliest enemy?
Vraag 12 van de 20
Which Wright brother was actually at the controls when their plane first flew?
Vraag 13 van de 20
On February 11, 1999, which of the traditional nine planets began what will be a 248-year run as the farthest from the Sun?
Vraag 14 van de 20
What planet was once called Hesperus in the evening and Phosphorus in the morning?
Vraag 15 van de 20
Just as the Earth orbits the Sun, the Sun orbits the galaxy, moving at 220 km/s, and in its 4.6-billion-year lifetime, it's already done so an estimated 18 times. Roughly how long does one of these cosmic years take?
Vraag 16 van de 20
The new moon is invisible. What phase comes after that?
Vraag 17 van de 20
I need that like a hole in the head. Say ? how many holes do most people have in their heads, including the eye sockets?
Vraag 18 van de 20
William Lear, who patented the 8-track tape you saw so much of in the 1970s, is best known for what business?
Vraag 19 van de 20
What paleontologist, who donated his body to science, is the type specimen for Homo sapiens?
Vraag 20 van de 20
What physical quantity is always conserved in mechanical collisions?

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