Quiz on literature
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What is a 6 letter word meaning "anything that will neutralize an acid, as lime, magnesia, etc."?
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In this list, which word rhymes with six?
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Who wrote "Anna Karenina"?
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What kids' author was, at age 13, a taste tester at Cadbury, along with his classmates at Repton in Darbyshire?
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In 2009, which tennis star's autobiography, revealed wearing a wig & using meth?
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In what English theatre were Shakespeare's plays performed?
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Which is the correct title of the Dickens novel?
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How many cards with hearts are in a deck of playing cards?
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Alex Garland wrote this book, later starring Leonardo di Caprio in the film version ?
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"Anne of Green Gables" is set on Prince Edward Island in which country?

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