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John Luther Jones of Cayce, Kentucky, has a special place in railway lore. By what name is he better known?
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In Latin, this word literally means "out heat." In chemistry, this word also describes what happens when a reaction converts potential energy to heat. What is this word?
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Santorini is what?
Vraag 4 van de 10
Instead of teeth, which of these animals would have a second stomach called a gizzard?
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Edison hadn't thought to get patents in Europe for what invention, so Auguste and Louis Lumiere could create a superior Cinematographe?
Vraag 6 van de 10
If you want cloudless skies and no rain, what do you hope your barometer tells you?
Vraag 7 van de 10
What name is given to any substance which cannot be broken down any further by chemical methods?
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Which pungent gas has the chemical formula NH3?
Vraag 9 van de 10
How many volts of electricity is in a bolt of lightning?
Vraag 10 van de 10
The most venomous jellyfish in the sea is called what?

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