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Science Quiz
Vraag 1 van de 10
When introduced by Raytheon, what appliance was originally called the Radar Range?
Vraag 2 van de 10
What is the irregular and instantaneous motion of air called?
Vraag 3 van de 10
What type of tissue does the adenovirus affect?
Vraag 4 van de 10
What is the "language of flowers" called?
Vraag 5 van de 10
Which of these might be put on a tall building to prevent damage from lightning strikes?
Vraag 6 van de 10
If Prince Charles "throws a spanner in the works," what tool is the Brit tossing?
Vraag 7 van de 10
Despite suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, what British scientist made his name studying the event horizons of black holes?
Vraag 8 van de 10
The invention of what in 1867, made Alfred Nobel famous?
Vraag 9 van de 10
What does B stand for in BMI?
Vraag 10 van de 10
The US Army developed N, N- diethyl-m-toluamide in 1946. Today, it is sold as DEET. What do we use it for?

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