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Math Quiz
Vraag 1 van de 10
What is the total of 25 + 53 + 32?
Vraag 2 van de 10
If you buy $1.00 of fruit and pay the cashier with a dollar, what is your change?
Vraag 3 van de 10
Which of this numbers is even?
Vraag 4 van de 10
38x20+364 equals what number?
Vraag 5 van de 10
54x46÷46 equals what number?
Vraag 6 van de 10
Adolfo earns £2,958 a month. Her boss tells her she will get a 24% pay rise. What is her new monthly gross pay?
Vraag 7 van de 10
If you earn $14 in 10 minutes, how much will you earn in 20 hours?
Vraag 8 van de 10
What type of angle is less than 90 degrees?
Vraag 9 van de 10
In mathematics, what number, to the nearest two decimal places, is used to denote the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter?
Vraag 10 van de 10
What's the volume of a cube that has sides that are each 2 units long?

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